Lot Of 27 Vintage All Holo Pokemon Cards Binder Collection Wotc Lp

This listing is for 27 holo vintage pokemon cards, all cards are holo. You will receive the exact cards in this listing as shown. The cards are in LP condition or better. The binder pages are not included. Feel free to contact me for extra photos or information, thanks!   

Pokemon Card Collection Binder Rare/first Editions Ungraded (all Near Mint)

Pokemon card collection binder rare/first editions UNGRADED (all near mint). I decided to put up my Pokemon card collection to help with my student loans. All the cards shown are in mint or near mint condition, and have never been taken out or handled very much. 1-2 cards from the 90s have some waviness, but none apply to the higher value cards like the promo mewtwo. Lots of first editions/Exs/Gxs/promos plus a few foreign language cards, such as the first edition German Pikachu. The binder the cards are stored within is included.   

Pokemon Collection 1700+ Card All In Mint To Near Mint Condition

   The collection consists of the following list. 1 Aromatisse - 93/146 (XY Base Set) [PR]. 1 Brock's Lickitung [G1]. 1 Brock's Graveler [G2]. 2 Brock's Mankey (67) [G1]. 1 Burmy Plant Cloak [AR]. 1 Brock's Primeape [G2]. 2 Brock's Onix (69) [G1]. 1 Brock's Zubat (74) [G1]. 1 Brock's Vulpix [G1]. 1 Brock's Sandshrew (72) [G1]. 1 Brock's Sandshrew (71) [G1]. 3 Brock's Rhyhorn (70) [G1]. 1 Brock's Geodude [G2]. 2 Brock's Geodude (66) [G1]. 1 Brock's Dugtrio [G2]. 2 Blaine's Vulpix [G1]. 1 Blaine's Vulpix [G2]. 2 Blaine's Tauros [G1]. 1 Blaine's Rhyhorn [G2]. 1 Blaine's Rapidash [G2]. 2 ...

Pokémon Card Collection All 1st Edition Holo Mint/nm Shadowless Psa Ready

Pokemon Card Collection: All 1st Edition - Holo - Mint/NM Shadowless PSA 10? Base Set through later sets. Never before graded - Big payoff potential. 1st Ed Holo Gengar x 2. 1s Ed Holo Moltres / Zapdos / Articuno. 1st Ed Holo Lt Surge Raichu. Rainbow Island - Never Opened Pack!