PokÉmon Tcg Card Lot Collection Brand New All Ultrarare Secret Rare Holo/special

PRICE LISTING STATES IS FOR ALL 8 SHEETS NEVER USED BRAND NEW OPENED ONLY AND Never played never taken out of card protectors prior to being in the page sleeves and all are BRAND NEW CONDITION NO DAMAGE. Page/sleeve page pictures 1-2 same page 2 diff pics, same with pic 3-4 same page 2 diff pics have one sheet of each of these not two. If two pics just to show better angle or photos for the listing. If interested in individual sheets pleas DM, if want the lot, make offer, if want an individual card also DM me and I will make a listing for specific card for you along with if want ...

Huge Lot 1,000 Card Collection All Name Nfl Rookies Rcs 2013-14 + Packs Look

Almost all of these cards are from 2013-14, so expect to see a lot of the same names. A good amount of Topps from those years as well. If you're a football fan, you'll know all these names. Donald, Adams, Evans, Beckham, etc. Card estimate is based on the fact that they almost fill two 550ct. Some are in soft-sleeves, lowering the count. I put some filler RCs in there to make sure the cards don't shift around in the boxes (not pictured). ALSO included are a bunch of 2013-15 UNOPENED PACKS! I counted just over 80 total.   

Rare Ron Grant All Star Rookie Trophy Card, Ultimate Card, Elevate Your Collection

RARE Ron Grant All Star Rookie Trophy Card, Ultimate Card, Elevate Your Collection, 100% Authentic Guarantee. This card is the ultimate way of completing any collection because of its breathtaking looks, vintage color, and shocking rarity.   

Pokemon Card Collection Binder Rare/first Editions Ungraded (all Near Mint)

Pokemon card collection binder rare/first editions UNGRADED (all near mint). I decided to put up my Pokemon card collection to help with my student loans. All the cards shown are in mint or near mint condition, and have never been taken out or handled very much. 1-2 cards from the 90s have some waviness, but none apply to the higher value cards like the promo mewtwo. Lots of first editions/Exs/Gxs/promos plus a few foreign language cards, such as the first edition German Pikachu. The binder the cards are stored within is included.   

Yu-gi-oh! Tcg 300 Card Collection Binder All Holo/foils + Near Mint

This Collection binder includes all cards provided in the pictures above. There is a mixture of promos from several legendary collections, Battles of Legend: Armageddon, Dark Side of Dimension: Secret Edition, Battles of Legend Hero'sRevenge, 2022 Tin of The Pharoah's God's etc. All cards in this collection are holo/foils and are in Near Mint condition. If you have any questions regarding this item please don't hesitate to contact me.   

Pokemon Collection 1700+ Card All In Mint To Near Mint Condition

   The collection consists of the following list. 1 Aromatisse - 93/146 (XY Base Set) [PR]. 1 Brock's Lickitung [G1]. 1 Brock's Graveler [G2]. 2 Brock's Mankey (67) [G1]. 1 Burmy Plant Cloak [AR]. 1 Brock's Primeape [G2]. 2 Brock's Onix (69) [G1]. 1 Brock's Zubat (74) [G1]. 1 Brock's Vulpix [G1]. 1 Brock's Sandshrew (72) [G1]. 1 Brock's Sandshrew (71) [G1]. 3 Brock's Rhyhorn (70) [G1]. 1 Brock's Geodude [G2]. 2 Brock's Geodude (66) [G1]. 1 Brock's Dugtrio [G2]. 2 Blaine's Vulpix [G1]. 1 Blaine's Vulpix [G2]. 2 Blaine's Tauros [G1]. 1 Blaine's Rhyhorn [G2]. 1 Blaine's Rapidash [G2]. 2 ...